As a researcher I am focused on examining risk and protective factors for perpetrating and falling victim to violence within a multilevel, social-ecological framework. Furthermore, I am interested in developing and evaluating improved research methodologies and analytical methods for assessing and predicting aggression among intimate partners in order to prevent the progression of aggression into violence.

Here are a couple of my selected publications showcasing my work:

  • Parrott, D. J., Halmos, M. B., Stappenbeck, C., & Moino, K. (2021). Intimate partner aggression during the COVID-19 pandemic: Associations with stress and heavy drinking. Psychology of Violence, online preprint, doi:10.1037/vio0000395.
  • Halmos, M. B., Parrott, D. J., Henrich, C. C., & Eckhardt, C. I. (2020). The structure of aggression in conflict-prone couples: Validation of a measure of the Forms and Functions of Intimate Partner Aggression (FFIPA). Psychological Assessment, 32(5), 461–472. doi:10.1037/pas0000806
  • Halmos, M. B., Leone, R. M., Parrott, D. J., & Eckhardt, C. I. (2018; online first). Relationship dissatisfaction, emotion regulation, and physical intimate partner aggression in heavy-drinking, conflict-prone couples: A dyadic analysis. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. doi:10.1177/0886260518801019
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